New Britain Palm Oil Sponsor HWCF 2019

Milne Bay Estates-NBPOL is again the major sponsor for the fast growing Huhu War Canoe Festival (HWCF) in Alotau, Milne Bay Province. This was confirmed by a cheque of K25,000 given by the General Manager, Mr Mike Jackson, to Chairman of the HWCF Committee, Mr Kaimuyoni Ila. Milne Bay Estates has been a major sponsor l since the first festival in 2016.

Festival Executive Committee visits Wagawaga village

Over the weekend members of the Huhu War Canoe Festival Executive Committee visited Wagawaga village which will be hosting this years event. They took time out to meet and speak with the village elders. From the front row left to right are Chairman, Mr Kaimuyoni Ila, Mrs Shirley Marjen from Milne Bay Estates and Ms Maxine Nadile from Egwalau Tours Milne Bay. From the back row left to right are Vice Chairman Mr Dago Alisa and his fellow village elders from Wagawaga.

The Huhu War Canoe Festival 25th – 26th October 2019

The Wairon finally rests at Maiwara.

This year on the 25th -26th October  2019,  the annual two-day Huhu War Canoe festival  will take place again showcasing the fascinating culture of the War Canoes unique to the mainland bay area of Milne Bay Province. 

Expect to see traditional war canoes with warriors on board demonstrating paddling techniques and reenacting war raids just as their ancestors did during the time of cannibalism. 

Experience the Huhu culture in an intimate, authentic village setting and be enriched by the interaction with the local people and cultural displays of traditional dancing, food exchange and so much more.

Prepare to be amazed!